Malmgård Proto #17 on tap 6.6.

In the summer Proto, the bounty of the fields of Eastern Uusimaa make the acquaintance of a fruity, New England IPA-style world of flavour. The pale copper, soft and slightly cloudy body is born from a combination of oats and our own barley malt mixture. We built this contrasting world of fruity aromas using Vic Secret, Citra and Columbus hops. Tropical fruits, lime and orange can be detected in the flavour. In the Malmgård way, the bitterness of the hops is balanced and furtively dries the mouth. The long after-taste yields the softness of the oats and plenty of citric fruitiness. Availability »

Malmgård Proto#16 on tap 7.3.

Proto#16, which launches the 2018 Proto series, is a reddish, well-balanced, malty IPA. Many wonder whether it is a West Coast-, East Coast- or maybe even a South Coast-style IPA. We totally forgot about needless categorisation and focused on brewing a beer in the Malmgård style. Finnish barley malt, a nuttiness born of spelt and the caramel nuances of dark malts. The hops first give a taste of aromatic fruitiness and then a gradually intensifying bitterness. A taste that will entice you into taking another swig. Cheers! Availability »

Malmgård Proto#15 hanassa 6.9.

Proto#15 is a dark reddish-brown, robust, malty beer in which you can sense aromas of juniper and the light herby taste of heather. The aftertaste tinted with a moderately bitter hoppiness is long, fully-bodied, malty, warming and rich in nuances. Availability »